Saida Barkat Daoud

Saida Barkat DaoudFounder

"baadon was born out of a desire to share. Share and make available to young excised women the scientific knowledge I have studied and partly produced on FGC, reconstructive surgery and women’s sexual health. I seek to transmit information and knowledge to young girls that would help them to better understand their experiences, make them stronger, more confident and better at being themselves. Because this world needs them and their power!"

An 'Afar sociologist from Djibouti living in Paris, Saida Barkat Daoud is carrying out sociological research on the device for sexual mutilation surgery in France at EHESS within the IIAC.
Sedera Ranaivoarinosy

Sedera RanaivoarinosySedera Ranaivoarinosy

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy (0sedera0 on Insta / Twitter) is a freelance journalist, content creator and English / French translator in Paris. Its work is oriented around people and the initiatives they carry in favor of solidarity. She studied journalism in New York and worked in the sponsorship sector and then in the social and solidarity economy for five years upon her return to France before going on her own. Feminist and committed since always, she is happy to contribute today to the project of the Baadon association!

Noémie Garnier

Noémie GarnierWebmaster

Graphic designer since 10 years, passionate about the web, Noémie Garnier has been moving towards web development and webdesign for 5 years, a freelance job she does today.

Elisa Bihan

Elisa BihanGraphic designer


Michel Saemann

Michel SaemannMedical & Scientific 3D Illustrator