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Discover here soon a space dedicated to the sexuality, & the health of young Afropean excised women.

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A call to action

baadon is a word of ‘Afar origin which refers to a very specific bell.

It is the bell that the kalluwale, the ‘Afar Pythia, rang to make contact with Kalluwan, the resounding Spirit, to utter her visions on the becoming of the community.

baadon is then a call to action, an invitation to each young excised woman to come into contact with her inner strength, draw resources from it to treat themselves and live, once again, fully, her Power.

Support baadon

Supporting baadon, means supporting a project giving young excised women their voices on the subject.

It also means participating in the first European collaborative platform on Female genital cutting.

Above all, it is a space of freedom and information on women’s sexual rights.

Press review, They talk about us!

Lutte contre l’excision : « Il faut tenir compte de l’expérience des concernées »
Kareen Janselme, L’Humanité, November 25, 2020

TV5MONDE, le journal Afrique
Edition for December 1, 2020

Lutter contre la violence envers les femmes
Frédérique Lebel, RFI, December 1, 2020

In conversation with – Défis actuels en matière de lutte contre la pratique des mutilations génitales féminines (MGF) en Afrique.
Pr. Dêlidji Eric Degila & S.E.M Désiré Sougouri,, February 11, 2021

Ambiance Africa
With Aissé Thiam, Africa Radio, January 28, 2021

La lutte contre l’excision se déploie en ligne
Pauline Ferrari, Chut!, March 5, 2021


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