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Discover here soon a space dedicated to the sexuality, & the health of young Afropean excised women.

Find articles to inform yourself, 3D video animations to understand and audio podcast of knowledges to take with you everywhere !

Cartography of health centers

It will soon be possible for you to search for a health care center and participate in the development of the database by providing new information !

A call to action

baadon is a word of ‘Afar origin which refers to a very specific bell.

It is the bell that the kalluwale, the ‘Afar Pythia, rang to make contact with Kalluwan, the resounding Spirit, to utter her visions on the becoming of the community.

baadon is then a call to action, an invitation to each young excised woman to come into contact with her inner strength, draw resources from it to treat themselves and live, once again, fully, her Power.

Support baadon

Supporting baadon, means supporting a project giving young excised women their voices on the subject.

It also means participating in the first European collaborative platform on Female genital cutting.

Above all, it is a space of freedom and information on women’s sexual rights.


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baadon or research-action

Who is behind baadon ?

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Saida Barkat Daoud

Saida Barkat DaoudFounder

"baadon was born out of a desire to share. Share and make available to young excised women the scientific knowledge I have studied and partly produced on FGC, reconstructive surgery and women’s sexual health. I seek to transmit information and knowledge to young girls that would help them to better understand their experiences, make them stronger, more confident and better at being themselves. Because this world needs them and their power!"

An 'Afar sociologist from Djibouti living in Paris, Saida Barkat Daoud is carrying out sociological research on the device for sexual mutilation surgery in France at EHESS within the IIAC.

Aminata Badji

Aminata BadjiGeneral Secretary

"In France, there is no safe collective space managed by excised women where we can talk freely about our sexuality and health. I also do not recognise myself in the victim discourse on FGC. I also noted deficiencies concerning the management of reconstructive surgery, a lack of information on the quality of care, on the appro-priateness of surgery. As there is nothing about it for us, I decided to create this NGO with Saida."

Aminata BADJI, feminist, Parisian of Senegalese origin, works in the health sector against substandard housing.

Noémie Garnier

Noémie GarnierWebmaster

Graphic designer since 10 years, passionate about the web, Noémie Garnier has been moving towards web development and webdesign for 5 years, a freelance job she does today.

Hanna Thedros

Hanna Thedros Network & Social Media Assistant, Volunteer

Hanna, our "Network and social media assistant”, is a swede living in Paris since 10 years back and she is very passionate about interactions. Since it takes a whole village…she will always find people to connect and build bridges for a better community.

Michel Saemann

Michel SaemannMedical & Scientific 3D Illustrator

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy

Sedera RanaivoarinosyJournalist, translator

Sedera Ranaivoarinosy is a freelance writer, journalist and translator based in Paris

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