Our vision

Our missions

Baadon is an NGO that advocates for the sexual rights of women affected by female genital cutting and their access to care in France and in sub-Saharan Africa.

25 years after Beijing, the fight against FGC has become a global cause, and that’s good! 

And yet, 25 years later, there is no autonomous, massive, and dynamic movement of young women concerned mobilized against FGC. And the problem remains. 

The fight against FGC is made in the name of the right to the integrity of the woman’s body with an advocacy discourse that is far too pathologizing, hyper-victimistic, and culturalist.

At baadon, we believe it is time to address FGC for what it fundamentally is: a violation of women’s right to free sexuality, unhindered by violence or coercion.  

It is time to open up the conversation about this topic, to renew the tools and narrative of advocacy.

Founded in 2018 in Aligre, Paris, baadon is an NGO that promotes sexual health education for young women affected by FGC and their access to quality care.

Founded by a sociologist specializing in genital mutilation surgery, it relies on research and digital technology to renew the stories and tools of health education and prevention against FGC.

To fulfill its mission, it has created a digital platform for scientific mediation and empowerment of young women: an information platform providing educational resources and a directory of care centers.

It also offers workshops to young women concerned, as well as training for professionals working in the field of violence against women, sexual and reproductive health.